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Africa Business Integrity Awards


Africa Business Integrity Awards is a prestigious annual recognition of the African Vanguard Magazine, a publication of the Mandela Legacy Center for Leadership and Development. Through this medium, the Centre recognizes and honors top CEOs and businesses who demonstrate best practices in leadership character and high standards of organizational ethics that benefits their customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and communities and who by dint of hard work, business savvy and outstanding managerial skills are building business empires, strong brands and making Africa proud on the global stage.

The Awards embodies the mission of advancing trust in the marketplace, while laying a critical foundation for ethical environment where buyers and sellers can trust each other in the true spirit of Africa. It rewards integrity and outstanding achievement especially in the private sector and further provides a powerful networking opportunity for African businesses to link with other business leaders across the world on the merit of integrity and achievement. The recognition is, a third party endorsement from an Institution of such repute and regarded as one of the highest seal of confidence, which is beneficial for corporate image.

African Business Integrity Awards is driven by the vision to:

  • Create a community of trustworthy businesses
  • Set standards for marketplace trust
  • Encourage and support best practices
  • Celebrate marketplace role models, and;
  • Denounce substandard marketplace behaviour


Africa Business Integrity Awards is open to all for-profit African businesses and non indigenous companies doing businesses in Africa. Candidates for the Africa Business Integrity Awards are evaluated by an independent selection committee on each of the following criteria:

  • High ethical standards of behaviour towards customers, suppliers, users, shareholders, employees, and communities in which they do business.
  • A history and reputation of ethical practices in the marketplace, including acknowledgement by their peers.
  • Marketing, advertising, communications, and sales practices which reflect a true presentation of what is being offered in the marketplace.
  • Communicate to and train employees in carrying out ethical principles.
  • Have been actively in business for at least four years.
  • Show no evidence of failure to meet financial obligations.

Africa Business Integrity Award comes with other highly valuable honours including:

  • Inclusion in press releases announcing winners
  • Announcements made via social media channels
  • Africa Business Integrity Award plaque presentation by African Vanguard Magazine
  • Website recognition
  • Chances of induction into the MLHF
  • Dedicated pages in the African Vanguard Magazine

DATE: November 16, 2018

Dubai, UAE

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