Global Advocacy for African Affairs



Global Advocacy for African Affairs Initiative is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded pursuant to the need for sustainable advocacy and solution finding on issues of governance, leadership and enduring development in Africa, while working to uphold the Legacies of Africa’s heroes past, whose lives among other things have demonstrated deep craving for humanity. Among these litany of heroes who’s legacies still reverberates around the world are; Martin Luther King, Kwameh Nkrumah, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and a host of others.

Formally Mandela Legacy Centre for Leadership and Development, before it was changed in 2019 following strong appeals to expand  and extend our African advocacy for good governance, quality leadership and enduring development beyond the shores of the continent. Our engagement has continued to enjoy strong supports and partnership from reputable organizations and individuals across Asia, America and Europe. The initiative is driven with a philosophy that is fueled by an undying global commitment and passion to lead the vanguard for a sure recovery and restoration of a new Africa.

Our special interest is on every single legacy that makes a difference in Africa, while thriving on the core values of integrity, professionalism and objectivity. With a passion that stems from a deep desire to see more Africans home and abroad, take central seats on the decision tables of Global institutions, world missions and businesses, the initiative has taken the lead in championing the advocacy for innovative leadership, security and sustainable progress, engaging stakeholders within and outside the region and proffering sound panaceas to peculiar challenges of the continent.

In prosecuting this, the initiative has sufficiently engaged the use of our on/off line publications, the African Vanguard Magazine, our events, workshops and conferences which holds frequently at the world major capital cities where robust platforms are guaranteed for quality engagements with state actors, diplomatic and business leaders as well as our various reward systems.

We are dedicated towards presenting the unblemished image of the continent, through the authentic African view point. The initiative identifies in every sense the ideals that projects the affairs of a continent full of potentials and possibilities.