Global Advocacy for African Affairs



Africa has continued to present itself as a land of promise and countless opportunities. While we still recall how history took its first faltering step towards civilization and even organized learning, reading and writing with the first university in the world founded in African – Al Karaouine, in Fez, Morocco, by an African and how it took a full 229 years before the first European University was erected at Bologna in 1088 AD. Before the disruption of slavery, colonialism, oppression, and destruction from the 15th century on, history tells us of the great African medieval civilizations.

Unfortunately, instead of an upward spiral, a downward decline in virtually all aspect of life and development began creeping into the system due to ignorance, rot and worse still the activities of the overzealous foreign media who invents new division with creative imagination of what the continent is not and constantly framing Africa through poverty, diseases, and fight between tribes, religions, geography and as people who are incapable of helping themselves.

Notwithstanding, there are men, women and institutions who by dint of hard work, self motivation and outstanding leadership philosophy are shattering stereotypes, building strong brands and relentlessly making Africa proud on the global stage. No one can obviously reward these worthy ambassadors; however our recognition is our pan-African ways of saying keep up the good works. It is a salute to this rare doggedness and determination which has earned you an enviable spot in the African history. These are the new champions of Africa and precious ambassadors of the black race.

It is to sing our songs ourselves, it is to rekindle our hopes and expectations. It is to encourage us stay committed to the convictions of our faith in mother Africa. It is to enable us stay committed until that day when the aspirations of our people are fully met.

The center recognizes;

  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Good Governance
  • Promoters of development
  • Promoters of democracy
  • Promoters of peace and unity
  • Education
  • Health
  • Economy
  • Gender equity
  • Safety and Security