Global Advocacy for African Affairs



At the Global Advocacy for African Affairs, we do not just believe in celebrating leadership and developments, we also believe in grooming and encouraging people to do well in leadership positions. Everyone is a potential outstanding leader in both the public and corporate sector.

Our training and workshop therefore demonstrates our commitment at ensuring everyone enjoys the equal opportunity to be recognized and celebrated. Our programmes are spread across virtually all knowledge areas to promote growth in the individual and the workforce at large. Our workshops are delivered in popular cities of the world. In choosing training locations, our participants’ preference always come first. GAAA has training locations in Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Dubai, UK, France, Finland, Switzerland, and the United State of America. We are continually adding to the list, and will readily explore any country and city that is of interest to our participants.

Our training are designed to be interactive, so participants are sufficiently engaged. We combine case studies and syndicate sessions to reference key learning points and stimulate thinking and discussion. In terms of learning outcomes, foremost in our approach is keeping sight of learning objectives, while developing and imparting knowledge to utmost proficiency. We emphasize these through processes and ensure defined outcomes are achieved, at completion. Case studies, group discussion and facilitated workshop sessions would be employed to ensure the achievement of course objectives.