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Forum on Africa’s Traditional Institutions and National Development-2024


Traditional institutions play significant roles in the social, political, and economic lives of citizens in countries throughout Africa. They are seen as local elites who derive legitimacy from custom, tradition, and spirituality. While their claims to authority are local, traditional leaders, or “chiefs,” are also integrated into the modern state in a variety of ways. The position of traditional leaders between state and local communities allows them to function as development intermediaries. They do so by influencing the distribution of national public goods and the representation of citizen demands to the state. They can impact development by coordinating local collective action, adjudicating conflicts, and overseeing land rights. In the role of development intermediaries, traditional leaders shape who benefits from different types of development outcomes within the local and national community.

However, the above critical obligations hasn’t fared well in recent times in most African countries, the consequences of which can be rightly associated with the current state of violent criminal activities in most African countries, including terrorism, arms banditry, kidnappings and other youth criminal activities; and the intra-national disunity causing serious breakdown of peace and social relations thereby impacting negatively on national development all points to very crucial concerns; the weak synergy between state authorities and traditional institutions and secondly, the need for constant engagement with this important tier of the development constituency with a view to acquaint them of their statutory and responsible roles to citizens and national development.

This interactive forum will engage participants in rethinking the crucial role of traditional rulers in the continent’s dynamic democratic and political ecosystem from their own perspective using;

Custom-Made Presentations

High Level Interactive Sessions

Situational Analysis, Case Studies, Mirror Imaging

And break out sector base sessions

Global Advocacy for African Affairs has continued to pioneer partnership across all divides with notable institutions and organizations and guaranteeing high powered intellectual engagement especially as it concerns Africa; from Abuja to New York, Paris to Dubai, London, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Gaborone, Beijing, New Delhi, Helsinki, etc. The Kigali forum is expected to shine the spotlight on trends and critical issues of development especially at the local and national levels of governance.

Study Visits/Outdoor Engagements

Rwanda presents very important learning opportunities. There will be a Visit to the Historical Kigali Genocide Memorial where over 1 million victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi were documented and interred, a collaborative learning exchange with the Rwanda Parliament Museum and more.

The Forum with the theme: “Harnessing Local Traditional Authorities as a Potential Strategy to Combating Crimes,Criminality and Ensuring Stability” is  slated for August 26-31,2024 at the Four Point by Sheraton, Kigali, Rwanda.

For participation or further details on; +2348037478294, +2348033346038 or email  

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