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Africa Forum on Local Governments and National Development-Kigali,Rwanda

Africa Forum on Local Governments and National Development with the theme: “Peace, Security and The Challenges of Development in Modern Day Africa: The Role of Local Governments” brings together top local government policy makers, practitioners and other key stakeholders – including heads of regional and sub-national security agencies, local government administrators, chairmen, leaders and mayors, senior government officials, and partners from development agencies, academia, civil society and the finance and corporate sector. The forum is slated for March 18-23, 2024 at the Four Point by Sheraton, Kigali, Rwanda.

Global Advocacy for African Affairs, Africa’s frontline development advocacy organization in collaboration with IshiPamoja Kwa Amani, a living together in Peace and Harmony Coalition in the Great lakes Region of Africa comprising of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda with the support of other development organizations is putting together this forum to enable delegates have a chance to learn and discuss policy developments, share innovative practices and solutions to help policy makers and practitioners improve their processes and services in their own areas, as well as proffer a combination of modern and effective traditional approaches to tackling  security challenges at the state and local levels, managing conflicts and building back better.

The local government constitutes the most critical level of government in the quest for sustainable national development. Over the years, national development has been canvassed to take off from the grassroots as the local government is widely known as a vital instrument for rural transformation and machinery for effective delivery of socioeconomic services to the people.

Many African countries are highly centralised, and their local governments have lower levels of responsibilities and resources than local governments in other economies with similar income levels. Not only does this limit their ability to pursue economic development policies,  it also impede on their capacity to effectively manage conflicts, tackle crimes and criminality all of which emanates from the grassroots, consequently, most of Africa’s local government areas have become the breeding space for poverty, insecurity and underdevelopment. In the last decades in many African states, billions of US dollars have been spent in prosecuting wars and prospecting for peace as a result of what looks like failures of government to effectively manage crisis originating from these areas.

This robust and interactive forum with a line-up of erudite keynote/guest presenters and panellists from within and outside Africa will engage participants in rethinking the crucial role of local government in the continent’s dynamic political ecosystem in order to forestall further breakdowns in peace and social relations and guarantee sustainable national development across the participating nations.

Global Advocacy for African Affairs has continued to pioneer partnership across all divides with notable institutions and organizations and guaranteeing high powered intellectual engagement especially as it concerns Africa; from New York, Paris to Dubai, London, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Gaborone, Beijing, New Delhi, Helsinki, etc.

All delegates are expected to make an independent arrangement for accommodation and local transportation for this Forum. We are however available to assist delegates who may be unable to do so, within ample notice For participation or further details on; +2348037478294, +2348119740015 or email

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