Global Advocacy for African Affairs

About AVM


African Vanguard Magazine is the flagship pan African outstanding leadership and development based journal published monthly by the Global Advocacy for African Affairs. The magazine which was born out of the need to fill in the void created by the foreign media and subsequently to support in prosecuting the Centre’s mandate of upholding outstanding leadership and promoting developments, has positioned itself as the leading pan African viable medium dedicated to reporting the African story through the lenses of Africans as well as presenting the finest of Africa and Africans to the global audience, while proffering sound panaceas to peculiar challenges of the continent to stir robust debates and actions.

The magazine is largely subscribed by leaders, institutions, governments and think tanks on African affairs. It is further distributed at our major international and African events around the world.

With the slogan; Africa in the new world mirrow, the Magazine is driven with a philosophy that is fueled by an undying passion and absolute pleasure to lead the vanguard for a sure recovery and restoration of a new Africa of our dream.  Our spotlight will continuously focus on the champions of the new Africa who by dints of hard work, outstanding leadership skills and business savvy are shattering stereotypes, building strong brands, rendering unique services and making Africa proud.

The Magazine thrives on the core values of integrity, professionalism and objective reportage. We promote the pan African legacy in the most passionate manner and recognize excellence in the pan African way. This passion stems from a deep desire to see more Africans home and abroad, take a central seat on the decision tables of Global institutions, world missions and businesses.