Global Advocacy for African Affairs



GLOBAL ADVOCACY FOR AFRICAN AFFAIRS HALL OF FAME also known as Advocates Hall of Fame is the meeting hall for great African Leaders and achievers who have uniquely distinguished themselves in various aspects of human endeavours. The hall is an elite list of audacious and inspiring leaders from diverse spheres of the region who are using their positions to transform their communities.

The Hall of Fame  provides a powerful visibility and networking opportunity for key African leaders to link with the exalted class of diplomatic, business and political leaders from other parts of the world with the aim of fostering a sustained agenda of prosperity and impactful leadership. It is regarded as one of the highest seal of honour and confidence, which is beneficial for public image.

The process will usually entail our team of researchers compiling a brief summary and interview with shortlisted candidates which shall form part of the submissions to the selection committee usually drawn from select members of the international advisory board who screens and make the final selection. The Hall of fame documents your achievements for posterity and the international community and further presents members as champions of the new Africa.

Inductions are usually done(not by proxy) with members, leaders, mentors, philanthropists, institutions, major Think-Tank on World-African Relations and full suite of the local and international media present.