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The world is no doubt facing immeasurable health, economic and social crisis arising from covid 19 pandemic. The situation is further exacerbated in Africa with limited health and economic infrastructures and existing social, political and environmental vulnerabilities. So significant and overwhelming has been the impact of the pandemic on African women and girls who continue to face the structural, social, cultural and economic injustices in addition to the humanitarian threat brought about by the disease. The effect is more in IDPs camps and health sector where women and children are facing extraordinary risk. Unfortunately, most government responses has been without appreciable gender lens every step of the way.
Country and sub-national prSocial Appsocesses that meaningfully engage women and girls in responding to these issues are more effective, and sustainable. It is therefore time to rethink equality and empowerment in the context of the above and from a fresh perspective. This and many more will be the focus of this year’s edition. 

From a robust premier edition with the thought provoking theme “Women in the Changing world: From Potential to Possibility” in 2018 witnessing a record attendance of women leaders from all walks of life cutting across delegates from 13 different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa including First Ladies, to the glass ceiling breaking edition with the  theme “Women Leadership and Economic Empowerment: Beyond Rhetoric and Aspirations” in 2019 with a record attendance of delegates from  31 different Asia, African and European countries including Greece, France, Britain, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, USA etc, largely aimed at  reawakening the global consciousness for the promotion of female leadership, equality and inclusion in the developing nations while harvesting potentials for the realization of the SDGs, which places a lot more demand on the women folks, the International Forum on Women and Sustainable Development is arguably right now one of the most sought after annual international women forum holding November every year in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirate.


Expected at the Forum;

Elected and Appointed Female Office Holders, Wives of Elected & Appointed Government Officials, Women in Civil Service / Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Governments, Female Executives in the Public and Private Sector, Female Business owners/Entrepreneurs, Wives of Senior Military/Paramilitary Officers, Leaders of Women Associations and Civil Society Organizations, Change and Brand Champions.


International Forum on Women and Sustainable Development seeks to promote new, alternative and cutting edge thinking on the place of womanhood in the changing world. It is expected to offer participants the opportunity to learn, share experiences and through a unique visibility platform, promote international interaction, generate lively thought-provoking discussion and challenge divergent opinions. It further offers platform for prominent stakeholders to share key information and participate in more focused and in-depth discussions on the demands of sustainable development goals and the corresponding obligations of women in developing nations.



First Strategy International, a frontline gender empowerment and development-based organization has continually shown commitment in inspiring a multilateral emancipation of women leaders in the new frontier. From Washington to Kigali, London to Johannesburg, Paris to Dubai, Helsinki to Nairobi, Abuja etc, we have continued to be a leading brand in developing the theory and practice of social, economic and leadership competences especially for women in leadership positions.



Global Advocacy for African Affairs, is Africa’s leading development advocacy organization and a non-governmental initiative with special focus on governance, Afri-development and policies as well as gender equality operating from the United Kingdom international office and Nigeria.

REGISTRATION. A token is usually required by the delegates as part of registration. The fee will cover participation, lunch and tea breaks for the duration of the forum, study tours/visits, all workshop materials, certificate of completion and access to VIP dinner/award and other side attractions.

Delegates are expected to make independent arrangement for accommodation; local transport, airport pick-ups and entry visas to the UAE for this forum. We are however available to assist delegates, who may be unable to do so, within ample notice.   


For participation and enquiries, please reach +2348037478294, +2348119740015 or e-mail

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