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Special Forum on Women Leadership, Education and Empowerment-Paris,France

The all-important Special Forum on Women Leadership, Education and Empowerment with the theme “The 21st Century Woman and Her Role in National Development” holds September 12-16, 2023 at Paris Graduate School, 10 Avenue Kleber,75116, Paris, France.

Women leaders and managers across the world are invited to join other expected participants including; Female Executives in the Public Service, Women in Civil Service/Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Governments, Female Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Women in Development practices, Elected Female Legislators, Wives of Elected & Appointed Government Officials, Wives of Senior Military Officials, Leaders of Women Associations and Civil Society Organizations, Emerging Women Leaders and Team Leads, at this annual engaging, thought provoking and uniquely networking event packed with so much learning and interactive experiences for women leaders at all levels.

Key Highlights shall include; Keynote Presentations, High Level Interactive Panels, Case Studies, Innovation Festival, Working Visits, Unveiling of 50 African/European inspiring amazons and a VIP Networking dinner.

Knowledge Objective;

The focus of this meeting among others shall be to analyse and strengthen the participation of women in the strategic decisions of our societies. It also aimed at investigating the role and import of modern education in strengthening the situation of women through an exchange of experiences in women’s rights between states. It will offer participants the opportunity to learn, share experiences and promote international interaction, generate lively thought-provoking discussions and further challenge assumptions surrounding developments in Europe vis-à-vis Africa and other emerging economies.

The forum comes with inspiring stories and practical lessons of female empowerment, inclusion, and promotion in leadership positions, the public sector and government. Domestic and international speakers will share their lessons in promoting female leadership and equity throughout the Federal and State public sector, and in local authorities. You will also hear stories from successful public sector female leaders and politicians in how they came to and maintained success in traditionally male dominated environments.

Registration cover; invitation letter from the organizers, visa supports, airport pickups and drop off, tuition, conference materials, training packs, refreshments (lunch and tea breaks) breakout/networking session, study visits, certificate of completion from organizers and partners(Paris Graduate School) , access to VIP Award Dinner,

Please Note: Discounts available for group participation

For further enquiries, please contact +2348037478294, +2348119740015 or email n

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