Global Advocacy for African Affairs


Prominent government agencies and ministries have commended the reputable Non-governmental Organisation, Global Advocacy for African Affairs Initiative, Africa’s leading development advocacy organization for its tireless commitment and dedication in fostering gender empowerment and promoting female leadership across the African continent.

Leading the barrage of commendations are the Federal Ministries of Women Affairs, Industry, Trade and Investments, Education, Environment, Foreign Affairs, Federal Capital Territory, Nigerian Communications Commission, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, Nigeria Navy, National Youth Service Corps among many others.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) specifically extolled Global Advocacy for African Affairs for providing the necessary driving force for the Corps to take gender empowerment seriously. In a letter signed by Mr. Igyuse on behalf of the Director General, the National Youth Service Corps described the N.G.O. as an initiative whose profile is quite intimidating. In his words, “Your Performance profile is quite intimidating, coupled with your broad range of partners both national and international in training women executives to be productive in their various fields of endeavour.” 

Even more laudable was the commendation of the N.G.O. by the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion, they left no stone unturned in their attempt to applaud the team for a job well done. In a letter written to Global Advocacy for African Affairs, the agency noted that the dedication of the team to gender empowerment issues were beyond commendable and inspiring.

The Ministry of Petroleum Resources specially recognised the organisation’s selfless dedication and commitment to services and outstanding performance especially in the area of capacity building advocacy, peace and conflict management resolution techniques, humanitarian interventions and gender balance society in our nation and the global community.

The Non-governmental Initiative with international office in London, United Kingdom and African office in Abuja, Nigeria has over the years been consistent, in asserting its readiness to be at the forefront of advocacy for good governance and sustainability while providing robust and consistent platform for multilateral engagement with key stakeholders on African affairs. In the few years of its operations, commendations from top guns, government agencies, corporate bodies and multinational remains a viable testament of its lasting impact on the trajectory of Africa’s development, with the latest coming from the ministry in charge of women affairs in Nigeria alongside other stakeholders.  It is highly commendable what the team have been up to achieve, pulling the heavy weights of states across continents and nesting solutions on key issues revolving around their government and policies, while also creating an enabling avenue to have meaningful conversations on issues bothering around gender equality.

The initiative has successfully over the years hosted impressive amount of fora, workshops and conferences, in and outside the continent of Africa, unusually spiced with thought provoking interactions, practical strategies for advancement to the next generation of female leadership and multidimensional approach to contemporary leadership situations especially for women who are faced with more evolving and critical development challenges.

Global Advocacy for African Affairs team led by the Executive Director, Chrys Anyanwu, successfully holds more than 6 women empowerment centred events and workshops every year spanning across different continents and the Nigerian states. These Forums are centred on critically accessing what characterizes a strong leader, employ tools to build high-priority skills and understanding how these skills may be applied in real time to strengthen participation in decision making.

The Forums further promotes collaboration between stakeholders and strategic partners while delivering opportunities for women in government to build leadership skills and potentials. The organisation provides unique platform for women leaders, female directors and heads of public service, women in the civil service or ministries, female business owners and entrepreneurs to shine the spotlights on contemporary issues leadership, governance and development especially in the developing countries fof the world.


Kathrine Francis.

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