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African countries that enjoy uninterrupted power supply

Poor power supply is one challenge that African countries have faced for a long while. 

Electricity is one major amenity that citizens of a country need. Several factors have hindered the stability of power supply in African countries, ranging from lack of proper infrastructure to human factors.

Having 24 hours power supply is not the same as accessing electricity.  

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Most African countries have 24 hours power supply while the rural parts of such a country have little or no access to electricity. 

However despite all this, some countries have decided to take it upon themselves to ensure there is constant and stable power supply both in the rural and urban part of the country. 

According to, below are the African countries with stable power supply.

1. Ghana

Ghana, who got electricity supply from Nigeria, is one of the African countries with a stable power supply. Her electricity mix is ruled by hydropower, thermal energy and gas. This country is endowed with natural gas reserves which aids a proper power supply. Currently, this country has a high national electricity access of 85%. They have 74% access in rural areas and 94% in urban areas. This means that the urban areas in Ghana have more access to electricity without leaving the rural areas behind.

2. Egypt

With Egypt advancing as the leader in the renewable energy sector, it had 100% electricity access rate for both the rural and urban areas. The country also has plans to supply electricity to other countries.

3. Kenya

According to energycapitalpower, Kenya has the highest access rate in East Africa. It imports power from Uganda and Ethiopia. Over 80% of Kenya’s electricity is generated from renewable energy sources with. Kenya has 62.7% electricity access for rural areas and 94% for urban areas. 

4. South Africa

This is the only African country that allows nuclear energy for power. This is why the country has a steady power supply. South Africa has 80% power supply and is ranked one of the best African countries with stable power supply. 

5. Gabon

Gabon has a stable power supply with 91.6% electricity access rate. According to, about 91% of Gabon’s population has access to electricity. The country’s main source of energy is through fossil fuels and hydropower. 

6. Tunisia 

Tunisia is one of the African countries that has 100% electricity access to both the urban and rural areas. This makes the country enjoy stable electricity and energy supply. This country generates its energy from natural gas and is also investing in renewable energy. 

7. Algeria

Algeria has a 99.8% electricity access rate with 99.6% in the rural areas and 99.9% in the urban areas. This means that every area in Algeria has an adequate and uninterrupted access to electricity. This makes Algeria one of the top most electrified countries with its source of natural gas. 

8. Morocco 

According to moroccoworldnews, electricity penetration in Morocco remains the highest amongst the list of countries with 100% electricity penetration. Morocco represents a high potential renewable energy market, particularly regarding solar.

9. Senegal

Senegal has 70.4% electricity access generating its electricity from solar, wind and natural gas. The urban area has 95.2% access to electricity while the rural area has 47.4% access. 

10. Botswana

Located in the southern part of Africa is Botswana. This country generates its power from coal, wood and petroleum. 

The urban area of this country has 90% access to electricity while the rural area has 26% access. This automatically sums up to the fact that Botswana has about 72% electricity access

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