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AU Names Nigerian President Champion on Anti-Corruption

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari offered other African leaders a guide to fighting corruption. President Buhari was elected as Nigeria’s president in 2015 based on his record of incorruptibility.

“Globally, corruption is recognized as one of the greatest evils of our time. Corruption rewards those who do not play by the rules and also creates a system of distortion and diversion thereby destroying all efforts at constructive, just and fair governance,” Buhari told the Summit.

Re-orientation of the younger generation was also pushed by the Nigerian leader, adding that corruption must be discouraged among the upcoming African leaders.

To him, strong institutions are a necessary tool for any country that hopes to win the fight against corruption. “Strong institutions are a necessary condition in any society which aims to fight corruption.

In building strong national and regional institutions, we must adequately empower our national anti-corruption agencies and insulate them from political influence,”

He also said: “AU member states to implement the extant legal framework on corruption and canvassing for the strengthening of the criminal justice system across Africa through exchange of information and sharing best practices in the enforcement of anti-corruption laws.”

src: African Leadership

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