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Africa Day 2018: celebrating Nelson Mandela and his legacy

Africans across the globe mark Africa Day on 25 May each year. This year the theme of many of the events celebrating the occasion focus on the 2018 Nelson Mandela Centenary that invites all people to play a part in building a society inspired by the values of the global icon – Nelson Mandela.

May 25th is Africa Day. It marks the founding in 1963 of the Organization of the African Unity, which 38 years later evolved into the African Union.

The OAU’s original mission was to bring freedom to African countries that were still under colonial rule in the 60s, defend their sovereignty, uphold human rights and restore the dignity of African people.

The African Union has grown to include the 55 nations of the African Continent, all of whom celebrate their own diverse culture and traditions as well as their unity on ‘Africa Day’, which is dedicated this year to the 100 Years from Nelson Mandela’s birth.

Beyond Africa Day, celebratory events for the Mandela Centenary are scheduled to take place throughout the year, spearheaded by South African Embassies and Institutes worldwide.

They aim to highlight Mandela’s legacy and continue to build the type of society that he worked so tirelessly for.

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