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On behalf of the inalienable
voices of young Igbo professionals at home and in diaspora who continue to bear
the brunt of a blind, disgusting and terrible leadership and representation of
the Igbo race, particularly at the centre of the Nigerian State, I wish to congratulate
you Prof. George Obiozor, the president general elect of the Ohaneze-the highly
rated Igbo Sociocultural organization, on your sweet victory at the recently
concluded election at the Dan Anyiam Stadium, Owerri, Imo State.

I do not envy you at
this time and therefore earnestly pray for you to succeed. The enormity of the
challenge ahead has never been mightier, the shoes Chief Nnia Nwodo the
outgoing president is leaving behind will require no less a giant leg to match.
Much more than ever, the need for the next Nigerian president of south east
extraction has never been this extremely compelling.

Prof, I do not know how
you intend to realize this bold ambition of Nigerian President of Igbo
extraction, especially at a time the people of the area particularly those of
the younger generation have not hidden their restlessness and sprouts  of indisposition to accept anything less. It
is no joke that the region desire this like the deer pants for water. Whether
that is to be a one size fit all answer to the copious subsisting cases of
glaring state denials in the land, perhaps that will be answered after 2023.

I have known you to be a
consummate diplomat, I’m hoping this skill will be maximally deployed to bring
Igbos together to achieve this and other onerous goals. I may not be sure of
what may work in the 2023 Nigerian power equation especially as it concerns the
politics, power grab and the restructuring crescendos of the new Nigeria,
unequivocally consulted, conversed and logically merchandized  especially by 
a coalition of the Ohaneze, Pandef, Afenifere and Middlebelt forum.
However, I’m sufficiently sure that the only one thing that may not work which
apparently you may have in excess is diplomacy. Unfortunately, the country is
no respecter of diplomacy. In countless instances of the past, more attention
has been given to agitation and power has been offered to assuage the pressure
of agitation. With this in mind, your choice of a combination of approaches
that must be top notch is non-negotiable.

Finally, if I heard well
that members of a particular political party constituted the machinery that
produce you as the new president general of Ohaneze, then I have my fears and
will hope you don’t play the card of partisan politics, more so that of a certain
political party to avoid an imminent hall of shame where most of the names
mentioned are already stakeholders.

I wish you well on this
exalted position and assure you of our prayers to liberate the Igbo chosen


Director, Global Advocacy for African Affairs

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