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Poor handling of economy, infrastructure, bane of Nigeria development, says don

Nigeria’s development and growth have been hindered by lack of infrastructure and poor government handling of the economy, says Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) Don, Professor Isaac Ozoemenam Mbachu.

The Professor of Political Science and Defense Studies made the revelation yesterday during the presentation of his Professorial Inaugural lecture at the 8th Nigerian NDA Professorial Lecture.

In the lecture titled, “Strategic Studies and Contemporary Statecraft: Lessons for Nigeria”, Mbachu said the challenges of infrastructure development abound in Nigeria. According him, the challenges facing the nation today include inadequate infrastructure to meet demand and lack of coordination, consistency, coherent and continuity in planning and implementation. Other challenges include absence of good governance which breeds social insecurity, poverty and tension. He pointed out that according to international benchmarks, most developed countries typically have core infrastructure like roads, rails, sea-ports, airports power stations, water treatment plants, ICT among others that are equal in value to about 70% of GDP, noting that Nigeria’s current infrastructure stock is estimated at between 35-40% of the GDP in comparison to other countries.

According to him, the destruction of these assets in the country could stunt the nation’s growth, create mass unemployment, compromise public health and safety and erode the quality of life.


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